About Us

Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold is designed to provide the necessary developmentally appropriate activities that consist of Social Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development and Language Development domains for learning. Although Top Kids is not a part of St. Mary’s Syro Malabar Catholic Church, we do believe that Christian Education is as important as any education. Top Kids teachers will incorporate Bible stories, scriptures and songs into their daily lesson plans.
What We Offer

Top Kids believes in nurturing one child at a time. Our goal is to focus on meeting each child’s need as it is necessary for their own personal development. Our students are working to master skills that they need to become successful.

Top Kids covers the benchmarks that are outlined in the Florida School Readiness Performance Standards. Children learn best by being engaged in active play along with child initiated strategies and direct teaching strategies. Teachers will work with students specific skills in small group setting. We develop the whole child physically, cognitively and spiritually. Throughout our daily curriculum children develop their creativity through art, music and movement. Each child has his or her unique personality, talents, gifts and learning capacity.

What We Don't Offer
Top Kids does not believe that a student should sit quietly at his or her desk while the teacher “teaches” or work independently or silently. Early childhood theorist states that children are neither physically or emotionally prepared for this method of academic learning. Because their attention spans are not long enough it is inappropriate to expect them to sit and work quietly for extended periods of time. Their growing bodies require physical action as they continue to develop fine motor skills and coordination. Children are tangible learners, learning through hands-on activities, which foster long-term retention.


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