Strengthening Families Program

Strengthening Families Program

for Parents and Youth Ages 5 – 16

The Strengthening Families Program is a parenting and family skills program that last for only two hours each week. This is where families are working together and separately in skill-building activities.

SFP is learning how to:

  • unlock the key to effective communication with you child/children
  • to build trust within the family
  • to learn the value of family
  • families learn how to effectively listen to each other
  • to strengthen your family through trust, love, respect, honor and prayer
  • this is the key to keeping your family together

Program Runs 10 Sessions

Youth Sessions

  • Having Goals & Dreams
  • Appreciating Parents
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Folllowing Rules
  • Dealing with Peer Pressure
  • Peer Pressure and Good Friends
  • Reaching Out to Others


Parent Sessions

  • Love and Limits
  • Making House Rules
  • Encouraging Good Behavior
  • Using Consequences
  • Building Bridges
  • Protecting Against Substance Abuse
  • Getting Help for Special Family Needs

Family Sessions

  • Supporting Goals and Dreams
  • Appreciating Family Memebers
  • Using Family Meetings
  • Understanding Family Values
  • Building Family Communication
  • Families and Peer Pressure
  • Putting It All Together

Application must be accompanied by the household’s most recent IRS 1040(s). If IRS 1040 is not available, paystubs for the last 30 days and the most recent bank statements are required.

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